Hummingbird Aerial Photography


Using the latest state of the art remote control UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology we can produce stunning high resolution images and HD (1080) video for a range of applications.

Portability and manoeuvrability create opportunities for creating photos and video from viewpoints previously inaccessible by any other means and at a significantly lower cost than other methods.

The extra height from this type of photography/videography provides huge benefits to the finished images.  Houses and other properties can be seen in their full glory and in perspective with their surroundings.

For planners, surveyors and the construction industry, the on board GPS and Barometric pressure sensors mean we can pinpoint exact locations referenced for future projects or planning purposes.

The Draganfly X6 system includes a base station connected to the UAV via wifi which allows clients on the ground to view images whilst the UAV is in flight and in real time allowing direct input into the selection and framing process.

We use the latest post production Photo and Video editing software from Apple and can help you obtain the very best end results.

Call for a free demonstration of how our aerial multimedia platform can create stunning aerial images and video.

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Welcome to Hummingbird Aerial Photography

A breakthrough in aerial photography and a unique opportunity to obtain fantastic shots from seemingly impossible angles using the latest UAV technology.


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